Furniture and Millwork Restoration

Sometimes, throwing out the old and buying new is not the answer.

We have a passion for preserving the integrity of antique furniture and millwork.  

Our lovely Greenwood area is blessed with so many beautiful century-old homes.  We like to restore and revive the beauty in these historical masterpieces.  The history that these structures embody is too precious to throw away.  Modern remodeling is not always the answer for these amazing turn-of-the-century homes.  That's when craftsman restoration is the key!  We will hand-craft millwork and other ornamental elements to match the time-period of your home.  We can help you love your home again!

Our furniture restoration is precise and done with the utmost care.  

We have restored several 100+ year old courtroom chairs, 200-year-old rocking chairs, an antique china hutch that was handed down through the generations, a 4th generation cherry four-poster bed, and many, many more.  If you have a precious piece of furniture that needs some love, please give us a call.  You can trust us to treat your cherished treasures with respect and care.

(Pictures coming soon!)